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HousePro is more than just a Houston AC contractor, we are home performance specialists that have been serving the Houston area for over 12 years.  We know that we can help lower your energy usage by taking a whole home approach to improving your home.  Your HVAC system is at the heart of your home energy usage, accounting for up to 60% of energy costs each year.

Many AC contractors focus only on replacing the AC unit in your home.  However, a top of the line AC unit can have poor energy efficiency and home performance if the rest of the AC system is inadequate.  Leaky duct work can cause efficiency losses up 40%, attic leakage can costs you up to 30% more, and poor insulation can drop another 20% from your overall efficiency,  For the most efficient system and comfortable home, you need a qualified contractor qualified to examine all of your home rather than just the AC unit.


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We begin every call with a Energy Smart Performance Inspection, which rates key areas of your home including ductwork, insulation, attic efficiency, indoor air quality, air conditioners, and furnaces.  Each area is rated in categories such as age, efficiency, design, and installation.  

Once the inspection is complete, your BPI certified technician will analyze and discuss problem areas with you.  The technician will make recommendations on how improving areas of your home can save you money on your energy bills, increase home comfort, and prevent future system damage.

Once you choose the improvements that fit your families budget and lifestyle your technician or consultant will give you the projected savings and/or benefits from your improvements choices.  If needed, our installation team will be scheduled at a time convenient for you.  As with all of our services, we guarantee 100% satisfaction from our highly trained installation team.   

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